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E-commerce – Yowza


What Yowza Works Towards :

  • A lean sales funnel
  • Increased reach
  • Higher awareness rates
  • Garnering a loyal customer base
  • Real-time tracking

  • Yowza’s approach
  • Interaction process
  • Streamlined solutions
Keeping the sales funnel as lean as possible, Yowza aims to heighten its client’s reach, awareness, purchase rates, and subsequently, create loyal customers. A smart approach while (metaphorically) standing at the receiving end of the transaction is appreciated by our clients due to the meticulous, but versatile technique Yowza follows.
Most visits to an e-commerce site mean higher chances of content views. Browsing through products and finding some of them useful would lead to them being added to a user’s cart. But, the final action of purchasing solely depends on whether the user has been convinced with the utility of the product. There are various ways of directing users to purchase products based on buying behaviours and need-based purchasing. Guiding them systematically, with least distractions and clear call-to-actions on each page guarantees a better UI interaction. This aids in ensuring a smoother purchase cycle and encourages purchases as well.
Making use of infographics and other detailing when necessary, we align our efforts towards creating accurate marketing campaigns as per each client’s industry and their respective yardsticks. Yowza also yearns to build and maintain high-performing websites with an easy maintenance system having quick tracking and analysis capabilities in real-time. For add-to-carts that have not resulted in purchases, Yowza carefully creates, monitors and manages campaigns with a view of strengthening conversion rates and obtaining recurring visits from these potential customers. Additionally, target audiences are devised taking into account demographics and psychographics, keeping the end-goal of user satisfaction in mind.

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